Career Accomplishments

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The Lawton Company / San Diego Gas & Electric,
Quality Assurance Representative, Vegetation Management:
Inspecting power poles for SDG&E for fire hazards throughout rural San Diego County and listing the poles into a comprehensive database. Driving a 4 wheel-drive vehicle off-road and relating policies and procedures to residents. Inspecting poles that have been cleared of brush by contractors and working with and relaying information to help the General Foremen help their crews clear the poles. Helping the programming team in troubleshooting the hand held PC computers used to enter pole information.

American Training and Assessment Associates / Dr. Uvaldo H. Palomares:
After working remotely with him for half a year in '96, and early '97, I moved from Marin to San Jose to live near to and work with Dr. Palomares full time. He was contracting with a few governmental agencies, but mostly school districts in Texas and California.
Dr. Palomares and I created a corporation known as American Training and Assessment Associates. The purpose of this organization is to provide a training entity separate from Dr. Palomares that would also provide written materials. In short, ATAA provided training and manuals and services for numerous workshops in El Paso, Texas. To see an online catalog for ATAA's services click here. All legwork and details for incorporating were taken care of by me as were all of the design and logos for ATAA, documentation and correspondence.
When workshops and retreats were held away from our clients site. I took care of arranging the accommodations, i.e. hotel rooms, car rentals, flights etc. and hosting the clients.
In preparation for the workshops. I constructed the manuals around the agendas that Dr. Palomares and I would decide upon. Using a format that evolved over time, the manuals were printed and bound for the participants. The manuals probably averaged 40 pages long and for groups that averaged around 30.
After workshops, the scores from the workshop evaluations were compiled and colorful charts with narrative were added along with the charts and sent (sometimes electronically) to our clients.
For some workshops, conceptual ideas were graphically constructed and presented with Aldus Persuasion (a Powerpoint type program).
Controlled checking account, writing checks for, and tracking all expenditures.
Invoiced clients for services rendered and materials provided and tracked receivables.
Dr. Uvaldo H. Palomares:
Conducted all duties of an administrative assistant: answered phones, filed, sent correspondence, ran errands, kept computers and electronic tools running smoothly, backed up hard drives. Prioritized issues for Dr. Palomares' attention (or not). Invoiced clients by reviewing Dr. Palomares' calendar and sent and tracked receivables.
ATAA and Dr. Palomares:
In addition to tracking receivables for both, I categorized receipts for both and tracked all expenditures, balanced checkbooks and readied data for tax accountants.
Wrote my own and edited Dr. Palomares' narratives (technical, anecdotal and correspondence).

**Special note**
Throughout my past, my father, Dr. Uvaldo Palomares has been a constant professional influence. To ignore this would be to ignore my professional identity. It is understood that usually when a son works for a father he gets great pay for doing very little. Granted, I may have had a few perks but they were easily kept in check by my father's high expectations and strong work ethic. Our relationship has been based on a team effort characterized in short by his knowing something could be done (usually with computers) and me being the one to research and implement the idea.

Magic Circle / Quantum:
Moved to San Juan Capistrano/San Clemente and worked for Dr. Palomares' publishing and management consulting companies during the late 80's. This was my first long term exposure to working full time with my father, and computers (Macintoshes) in a professional setting.
Co-created a system named LADS (Leadership Attributes Development Series) whereby organizations could increase their management's efficiency through participants evaluating themselves in a series of decided upon behavioral criteria. (Usually consisting of about 30 or so of these voted upon 'descriptors'.) The participants also had three of their subordinates as well as their direct supervisor evaluate them. All of the scores for all of the criteria were averaged and plotted on charts that were given to the participants at a management workshop (led by Dr. Palomares) to give them a hands-on reality check as to how they perceived themselves in relation to how those who worked with them perceived their performance. For each score below a certain point on any criteria by their supervisor, a recommendation was automatically printed for the participant, with their charts that gave ideas for improvement in this area as well as references of books to read to help them. There were 6 LADS trainings for held for school districts in California and Texas.
Programs used for LADS were Pagemaker 2.0 for printing the 'descriptors' upon scantron sheets and for printing workshop manuals. Microsoft Excel 1.5 and (later) Full Impact 1.x were used to make the scantron sheet reading, number-crunching, chart creating macros.
Wrote content-rich, procedures, recommendations and letters for managers and educators.
Magic Circle:
Created an invoice system using macros that tallied and printed the invoice sheets while compiling the information into a customer database. Conducted all duties of an an office manager such as answering phones, filing, sending correspondence, running errands, tracking shipping and overseeing warehouse operations, keeping computers running smoothly and backing up the hard drives. Operated an aged 300lb, Pitney Bowes printing press for flyer promotions as well as miscellaneous pages for comb-bound books and workshop guides.
Managed a comprehensive database of all customers and associates in the U.S. and organized mass mailings of the Magic Circle catalog. Desktop published the catalog and all flyers.
Trained approximately 7 new employees.

El Señor Ricardo's Tattoos:
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Computers and Communications, Director of Training:

In Humboldt during college, worked primarily as a trainer for this small computer resale and training shop. Taught classes of up to six professionals at a time in PC (DOS and Win 3.1) and Mac environments in whatever versions were most popular during the early 90's.
Classes taught:
General Computer Literacy
General Databases
General Word Processing
General Spreadsheets
Macintosh OS
Windows 3.1
Microsoft Works
Claris Works
Quicken / QuickBooks
Aldus Pagemaker
Lotus 123
Quattro Pro
Word Perfect
Microsoft Word