The table below describes the subcomponents that make up this place.


What is life without art? Who would care to wonder. Here is some art created by Ricardo.


For how many people is a website little more than an online resumé?


Question: What does someone with a wide range of hard-to-describe skills do to help potential employers and professionals understand their potential?
Answer: They add a subsection to their website and call it Career Accomplishments.


Yes, Ricardo knows linx is misspelled. See the icon? It's a lynx. Plain ol' "links" is boring, so why not linx. This place contains some of Ricardo's favorite places to surf and make use of on the web.


The ocean is a fascination for me. "Surf" is perhaps a little limited name for this section of the website but it'll work. This place will offer links, stories and insights into familiar beaches of California.


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